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Family Testimonials

" You work through and you get support and you know there's other people in the same situation."


" ODEEP is very personable and family oriented. I walk into ODEEP and I feel at home because it's very comfortable. Staff are warm and friendly... you want something relaxed."


" ODEEP is giving them the skills so when they go they'll be better able to manage their day. It would have been far more of a shock if he couldn't. "


" It's very personal, it's very supportive. We all know each other, it's small sessions."


" You can pick up the phone and ring and you will get someone to call you back. A really nice reciprocal relationship."


Work Experience Student

"When in year 11 at high school I was faced with the upcoming HSC exams and stress. I was uncertain what my future would hold but believed that the role as an Occupational Therapist would be a good career choice. I decided to do some voluntary placement at ODEEP for one week to help guide me through this decision making process. Whilst at ODEEP, I got to experience the different stages of therapy for individual children that was facilitated by play. The equipment, staff and attention to each individuals specific needs are of an impeccable standard that enhanced my understanding. My time at ODEEP rekindled my drive to be an Occupational Therapist and allowed me to see the fantastic aspects to enabling others. I am currently half way through my Occupational Therapy degree at university and am looking forward to working and learning at a facility like ODEEP. The experience gained in that short week of work experience is still useful for me 3 years later and will be for my future study and practice."
Sally Mackay


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