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Staff Testimonials



Early Childhood Teacher & Early Intervention Specialist

ODEEP has not only met my goals of furthering my skills in early intervention it has created a great life/ work balance.

I have gained many great new skills and knowledge since starting at ODEEP from a variety of allied health professionals and special educators.

When I had my first child I was in a management role and work was my priority. After my second child I realised I needed to make a change and live a happier, healthier life for my family. I joined ODEEP and have reached this goal. 

ODEEP family is a wonderful workplace that are so supportive of one another and the team all work on the same goal in creating the best outcomes for our families. 

Everyone's strengths, passions and goals are met and valued.

I have had many opportunities from developing new groups and creating a variety of roles to  meet my passion and strengths.

Working at ODEEP has been a wonderful journey for me and my family.


Finance Manager

I really enjoy coming to work at ODEEP. The work is fulfilling, while also giving me the opportunity to learn new skills. I have also found everyone at ODEEP to be very considerate of life outside work, allowing for flexibility at times when it’s needed.​

I was attracted to working for an organisation that provides support for families in what can be a difficult time. I was also attracted to ODEEP as it’s a small community organisation that makes a big difference in the lives of local families.​

Working at ODEEP is like working with friends. The culture is very supportive and allows for collaboration between staff with different backgrounds.​

My prior work experience was in a corporate environment, and so working in a small not for profit organisation has allowed me to gain new knowledge and skills in the not for profit sector.​

The induction and training I received when I first joined ODEEP far exceeded what I had experienced in any other work place. The induction is comprehensive, and management strive to ensure staff have all the knowledge and resources required prior to starting work. No one is ‘thrown in the deep end’ as I have experienced in many other jobs!

​ODEEP is very supportive of the changing needs of work-life balance, by providing part time, flexible working hours. Also by offering holiday buy back allows for working parents flexibility to be home for part of school holidays.

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Practice Manager

Occupational Therapist

I have worked at ODEEP now for over 5 years and have found it to be the most supportive and friendly workplace I have ever worked. I have three young children and I have always been supported to look after my family whenever they need a day off school or want me to come to their school assemblies.

I have made some beautiful life-long friends at ODEEP, we all share the same passions for supporting children and families and we all like to have fun. This makes the workday go by so much easier as you are surrounded by people you actually want to be around.

I have been lucky enough to have great career opportunities while at ODEEP. I started as a part time occupational therapist, moved into the Allied health Team leader role, and am now the Practice Manager. I have been able to enjoy still working as an occupational therapist while also strengthening my management skills.  I have been given some great training opportunities while at ODEEP and have participated in extensive professional development. We really value supervision and support, as well as emphasising positive mental health for our staff. We welcome anyone to come and have a visit and chat with us to see if a role with ODEEP is right for you.


Early Childhood and Primary Teacher

Early Intervention Specialist

The collaborative culture at ODEEP allows us as professionals to combine our unique expertise, perspectives and strategies to create holistic and personalised intervention plans. Unique strengths and abilities of children, families and staff are acknowledged and celebrated. At ODEEP, there are opportunities for peer mentoring and sharing best practices. This nurturing environment fosters a culture of continuous learning and has made us feel valued and motivated in our roles. I am grateful to be part of such an innovative and compassionate team.

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ODEEP is a fantastic place to work, the staff and management team are so supportive and kind, it feels like a family. A positive workplace culture is my number one priority when looking for a job and ODEEP has a wonderful workplace culture with open and honest communication, individualised support, respectful collaboration between all team members and lots of fun and laughter. ODEEP values evidence-based and family-centred care and the passion that the whole team including management have for this is inspiring. I am very grateful to be a part of ODEEP and it is a pleasure to come to work each day.

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