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Early Childhood Intervention Australia (ECIA) by ECIA NSW/ACT have just released this great resource for families. It contains information for families of children with disability and/or developmental delay.

 The pamphlet covers:

  • What is Early Childhood Intervention (ECI)

  • Importance of the early years

  • How do ECI services support children and their families?

  • Who delivers ECI services?

  • What sort of supports do ECI services provide for families and their children?

  • How to find Early Childhood Intervention Services and further information.

click here to download or view.

ODEEP is an Early Childhood Intervention provider and member of ECIA.

This is another great resource released by Early Childhood Intervention Australia.  This booklet provides information on what high quality evidence-based services and supports look like, to assist you in choosing the right supports and services that will ensure the best possible outcomes for your child and family.