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Aqua Therapy

Aqua Therapy provides water-based therapy designed to improve areas that impact the everyday functioning for children with disabilities. 

Our one-on-one aquatic therapy sessions with a qualified Autism Swim, Access and Inclusion and AustSwim Instructor will provide a supportive environment to support your child towards achieving their goals.

Some of the benefits of aqua therapy are:

  • Improve gross and fine motor skills - Strength, balance and coordination to facilitate the development of walking, running, climbing and participation in meaningful activities. Developing pincer grip, hand and finger strength and in-hand manipulation to facilitate the development of hand skills, such as using cutlery and writing.

  • Expand communication & Social skills - Expressive language and following instructions to enable the child to meaningfully communicate with others.

  • Develop Water Safety & Awareness -To better enable your child to go on to learn how to swim and be safe in aquatic environments.

Our aqua therapy program aim to incorporate these skills along with your NDIS goals to maximise the opportunities for skills development.

Theresa is also an Austswim instructor specialising in access and inclusion, infants aquatic and stroke correction.

Our physiotherapist Zoe Basham is also one of our wonderful aqua therapy teachers. Zoe is also AUSTSWIM accredited.

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Autism Swim

ODEEP is so proud to announce that one of our awesome teachers Theresa Fieldus is now an Autism Swim Approved Instructor. Theresa has completed her Autism Swim training and is now the only Autism Swim approved instructor west of Sydney.

What does this mean? Autism Swim is the only certifying body specific to autism and aquatics worldwide.  Theresa will work closely with Autism Swim to deliver the best possible outcomes for the children engaged in Aqua Therapy within our service.

Theresa has received training, resources and support in order to understand the differing needs and wants of swimmers with other abilities; and to teach them in a way that is most conducive to their needs and NDIS goals. 

The team at Autism Swim assist Theresa to target three key areas:

  1. Water Therapy. 

  2. Water Safety. 

  3. Learn to Swim. 

We have made the ongoing commitment to education, and we are confident that this resonates  in the work that Theresa is already undertaking with Aqua Therapy. For more information about Autism Swim and the services they provide, please visit their website –

Puggles Swim School

We are so proud to announce that our Theresa is now an accredited Puggles Skipper!!

What is a Puggles Skipper? A Puggles Skipper is an Austswim accredited swim teacher who has undertaken further study to teach Puggles swim.

What is Puggles Swim? Puggles Swim is a new and exciting approach to upskilling accredited swim instructors to teach deaf and hard of hearing children how to swim. Puggles Swim will make learning to swim more accessible to families with deaf and hard of hearing children because they can learn to swim in a mainstream swim class at their local pool.

For more information about the Puggles Swim Program please visit their website

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