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Who are the staff?

ODEEP employs an experienced team of Early Childhood Educators and Allied Health staff  (Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Dietitians, Physiotherapists, as well as Administrative staff. Meet the team here...


What geographical areas does ODEEP cover?

Orange and surrounding areas.


What happens when I come to ODEEP?

Your first visit to ODEEP is likely to be with 2 staff and can be held in your home, at ODEEP or in another location of your choice. Staff will play with your child and speak to you about what is going well for your child and about the concerns you have. A plan will be made to spend up to 10 sessions getting to know your child and family better so that the intervention plans ODEEP supports you with will address your family and child’s needs.


Do parents/ carers come to ODEEP too or is it only for the children?

Parents/ carers are present for all intervention sessions except perhaps when staff visit your child at another childcare setting. We encourage the whole family to be fully involved in all aspects of ODEEP as you know your child best and are your child’s main teacher. We want to work closely with you to help you to help your child.


What is a Key Worker?
At ODEEP all families have a Key Worker who is your main point of contact at ODEEP. Your Key Worker is able to provide information and options to you to help you find the services and supports you want. Your Key Worker will work with you to help set goals for your child and family. The Key Worker will also connect you to other staff on the ODEEP team and to other professionals in the community and other activities in the community that your family may be interested in.
Key Worker Role

To request more information contact:

Yarrawong Place, Orange NSW 2800

Phone: 02 6361 4093



You can also request more information with this form:

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